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Frequently Asked Questions About Mantis Golf Carts

What Is A Mantis Golf Cart?

A Mantis golf cart is a solar assisted 48-volt collapsible cart that can fit into any vehicle,trailer or motorhome with the following openings. 31.5 in., tall x 38-in. wide x 60.3 in. long. Great for getting around in Campgrounds, RV Resorts, Retirement Villages, Horse Shows, Car Shows and more! Goes just about anywhere you can take a cart but don’t have room for a full size cart.

How Much Does A Mantis Cart Weigh?

Weights vary depending on the specific models. Golf carts weights are: MicroLite Lithium – 645 lbs, MicroLite – 695 lbs, and the Micro Cruzer SD – 795 lbs.

What Is The Weight Capacity Of A Mantis Golf Cart?

The Mantis holds up to 661 lbs.

How Long Does It Take To Fully Charge The Mantis Golf Cart Batteries?

Charging time is 6 -8 hours.

What Is The Standard Warranty For The Mantis Micro Golf Cart?

Mantis golf carts come with a 1-year warranty on all non-wearable parts. See the complete warranty details here.

How Much Does A Mantis Collapsible Golf Cart Cost?

Costs vary depending on the specific models. MicroLite Lithium – $7,495 plus tax, MicroLite and the Micro Cruzer SD – $5,995 plus tax.

Do You Offer Shipping?

We offer pick up at our showroom, for a 50 mile radius is $100, under 1000 miles its $600, over 1000 miles need to call for a quote.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Cart?

One week for pickup, or 2-3 weeks if the cart is being delivered.

What Size Tires Come On A Mantis Collapsible Golf Cart?

The Mantis Cart comes standard with 16-inch tires.

How Far Can A Mantis Cart Travel On Fully Charged Batteries?

The Mantis Cart can travel 39 miles on fully charged batteries and solar assisted power back-up depending on load.

How Many People Can A Mantis Cart Hold?

The Mantis cart comes standard with 2 seats, seating for 4 people.

What Vehicles Can A Mantis Collapsible Golf Cart Fit Into?

The Mantis cart will fit into full size SUVs and Pick-up Trucks with a 5 1⁄2 ft. bed or larger.

Where Can I Find A Mantis Golf Cart Owners Manual?

The Mantis Collapsible Cart owners manuals are located on our website for downloading.

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